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A role-play (/rɒʊl pleɪ/) is practice of giving students different parts in a short ad-libbed performance.

Typically the teacher will set up a situation and a problem and give the students different roles to play in the encounter. Under some circumstances the role-play will be designed to exploit grammar forms or vocabulary which have recently been taught.

The teacher will usually monitor the activity and later give feedback and advice.

Role-plays differ from simulations in that the latter allow students to respond as they themselves would do in real-life situations, rather than "play" out imaginary situations.

Rationale for role-play[edit]

Role-play can be useful for a number of reasons.

  • It provides a semi-structured environment for practising language.
  • It gives students a reason to use the target language (L2).
  • The fact that students are not "themselves" gives them an opportunity to overcome the affective filter.

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