Railway station role-play

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A railway station role-play is a role-play set in a railway station.

Usually the roles played in this are (1) a traveller and (2) a member of the railway staff, particularly a ticket clerk.

Buying a ticket for travel is an authentic task, and travellers may have to do it in English. Usually it’s a case of the traveller specifying how many tickets they want, where they want to go and whether they want a single or return ticket.

However, it can get more complicated than that, with each country’s railway network essentially having various quirks such as:

  • Restrictions on the type of train that can be used, e.g. only on commuter trains but not fast trains
  • Restrictions on the route used, e.g. in the UK, it’s often cheaper to get tickets marked NOT VIA LONDON
  • Split ticketing, where it may be cheaper to buy two tickets to travel via an intermediate station than a single direct ticket, e.g. tickets from A-B and B-C can be used to travel from A-C as long as the train stops at B.
  • Restrictions on the time that the traveller can travel, e.g. only after the evening peak at 19:00
  • Having a railcard that will give the traveller a discount.
  • Deciding to upgrade to a higher class of ticket, such as first class or business class.