Hotel role-play

From Teflpedia

A hotel role-play is a role-play set in a hotel.

The usual characters in this role-play are a traveller and a hotel worker (e.g. receptionist).

The task of checking into and out of a hotel is an authentic task, whilst the task of helping a customer is also an authentic task, particularly for those who work in the hotel industry.

This typically involves:

  • Asking for someone’s name (usually a surname)
  • Checking if the traveller has a reservation; confirming the details if they do; types of rooms (double/single/twin)
  • How long they want to stay (note that hotel stays are measured in nights, not days)
  • Asking about hotel services
  • Asking about local information, e.g. restaurants, tourist destinations.
  • Paying for the stay

Some possible complications are:

  • There is a problem with the reservation, or something with the hotel.
  • Complaining about something, and providing a solution to that problem.