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Citing Teflpedia or involves citing Teflpedia as an academic reference.

Consider first whether this is a good idea: For informal writing, especially Internet-based, (i.e. blogs), it's probably OK. Blog readers are probably going to prefer a short, Internet-accessible summary of a topic over an excessively-detailed in-depth academic discussion that's only available in a good university library. For formal academic writing however, it's probably not a good idea. This is because there will probably be better references available; remember that Teflpedia is not a completely reliable source, it is not subject to formal peer review, and Teflpedia is a work in progress.

A Google Scholar shows that Teflpedia has been cited in some academic studies.[1] Most of these citations could have used something more appropriate.

Wikipedia's page on Citing Wikipedia, contains some very important information that also applies to Teflpedia.[2]

Plagiarism of Teflpedia is also academically unacceptable. Using Teflpedia as broad inspiration, while making sure that all ideas are rephrased in your own words, does not require you to cite Teflpedia.

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