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Wikigogy[1] was another wiki dedicated to English teaching. The name was a portmanteau word of Wiki and pedagogy for English teachers.

Wigigogy CLOSED

Wikigogy closed in December 2010. Wikigogians are encouraged to use TEFLpedia, or for China specific pages perhaps TEFLChina, instead.

Migration to TEFLpedia

Other transfers and methodology

Wigigogy is license compatible with both TEFLpedia and TEFLChina. Therefore Wikigogy content may be migrated. Perhaps China specific TEFL content might be migrated to and general TEFL content to Feel free to help. It will be best not to duplicate content, so please remove content from Wikigogy and replace it with a link to the new location when you move a page from one wiki to another. See Teflpedia:Wikigogy migration.


According to its owner, Wikigogy's traffic was about 130 unique visitors a day, but usually they didn't edit. Roger Chrisman, Wikigogy's founder and maintainer, believes that when enough English teachers come together online to make it happen a TEFL wiki will thrive, but that getting those folks together online may be the next key step. Wikigogy closed in December 2010 due to lack of community participation. It is currently in migration phase. After the migration it might be set to "read only", and direct people to TEFLpedia and TEFLChina.