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Weather (/weðə/) is a field often discussed in casual conversation.



Basic weather-related words can be classified according to their part of speech; some words may not be possible or common in certain forms.

Noun Verb
("It's verbing")
- - cold
- - cool
fog - foggy
hail hailing -
- - hot
rain raining rainy
shower showering showery
sleet sleeting sleety
snow snowing snowy
storm - stormy
sunshine - sunny
- - warm
wind - windy

We often use the dummy pronoun dummy it to refer to the weather.

Note the difference in meaning between "It is raining" (meaning "it's raining now") v. "It's rainy" (meaning "it's rainy today, it may or may not be raining now, but it probably has rained and probably will rain again later").

There are also many weather-related idioms; see weather idiom.

We have some weather conversation questions.