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Hi. Thanks for joining in and adding dogs.--Bob M (talk) 07:25, 9 April 2014 (UTC)

Hi again and thanks for joining in with the conversation questions. Might I make one suggestion? As you will know there are two ways of forming questions - those which generate a yes/no answer and those which need a full sentence. A question such as "Do you like X"? Could be answered with simply "yes" or "no". On the other hand a question like "What is your opinion of X?" needs a longer answer.
Obviously if the teacher is using the questions to generate responses from a small group this isn't a problem as s/he can manage the responses.
But anther way of using the questions is to cut them up and distribute them as pair work. Some students think the objective is to get through the questions as quickly and painlessly as possible and, if given the chance to answer yes/no, will do just that and get on to the next question.
So it's arguably best to keep polar questions to a minimum.
Anyway - thanks a lot for dogs, coffee and beer. We seem to have similar tastes!--Bob M (talk) 07:16, 27 April 2014 (UTC)