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This is Bob M creator of this fine site.

Creating Telfpedia

If anybody would like to follow the whole process of setting up a Teflpedia I've written it up here.

To do list

Things to sort out.

Done fixed

  • Privacy policy. Done
  • copyright. Now creative commons.
  • Buy other URL. Done.
  • Disclaimers. Done.
  • Work out extensions. Done.
  • Create extra namespaces. Done
  • Permit uploads. Done.
  • Fix references. (something weird about the extension ref). Fixed.
  • Fix logo. Done. (Though we need a better one.)
  • Help file - started, but is there something strange with helpspace ref? Resolved.
  • Fix Teflpedia URL. Done.
  • Stub template. Done
  • Problem with thumbnails - fixed by setting image magic to "false" in "local settings".
  • Userboxes
  • work out no-follow. Not an issue.
  • Templates. Some done.
  • Audio.
  • Get better logo.

In progress

To Chase up

  • Google adsense or similar.
  • Still need to fix url.

Templates to remember

Tests and stuff

Admin's sandbox

Bob's sandbox