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English teachers may, from time to time, be asked to translate text for clients. Good translations are a lot more difficult to do than you might imagine and, unless you are confident of your abilities, you should treat such requests with caution.

Furthermore, unless you are truly and fully bilingual, you should avoid translating into a tongue which is not your own.

Technical assistance

For those who really have to translate something then you should check out the google translator toolkit as it has an impressive range of free tools. If you use a browser such as firefox you should be able to set the spell checker to the target language and edit the auto-translated text within your browser. For smaller documents or sections check out google translate'.

Another well-known on-line translator is babelfish but better results can often be obtained from tradukka.

In the event that you are asked to work on a PDF document which you are unable to open our article PDF has some tools and suggestions.


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