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| [[Image:TeflLogo5.png]]
<includeonly> {{#ifeq: {{NAMESPACE}} | {{ns:User}} | | {{#ifeq: {{TALKSPACE}} | {{NAMESPACE}} | | [[category:Disambiguation pages]] }} }} </includeonly>
<includeonly> {{#ifeq: {{NAMESPACE}} | {{ns:User}} | | {{#ifeq: {{TALKSPACE}} | {{NAMESPACE}} | | [[category:Teflpedia:Disambiguation pages]] }} }} </includeonly>

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TeflLogo4.png This is a disambiguation page which distinguishes between several uses of a title or phrase.

Please avoid linking to this page, and reroute any links to the most relevant article.


use as:


  • [[first possible page to link to|first meaning]]
  • [[secondpage to link to|second meaning]]
  • etc.

or similar.

For an example of how it's used see Translation