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Your user page is your own to do with as you wish, within reason, while respecting our Teflpedia:Community standards.

Creating a user page[edit]

Simply following the procedure for creating an account will create your user page and talk page. Until you have actually written something on your user page (and saved it...), your user name will appear in red.

For purposes of clarity you may[edit]

  • Enter as much or as little personal information as you choose.
  • If you are a freelance you may use your page to, discreetly, advertise English language teaching services to students or institutions.
  • Put a link to your English language associated website.

To this end you may also wish to put some sample lessons in our “free lessons” pages so that students or others may get an idea of your work.

You may not[edit]

  • Put up racist, sexist or other abusive text.
  • Put up pornographic text or images.
  • Make libellous comments.
  • Submit material for which you do not own the copyright.
  • Generate link spam for sites not associated with English language teaching.

The user talk page[edit]

The user talk page is owned by the community and, while you may archive it if it gets too long, you should not edit or delete any of the comments thereon. See Help:Archiving your User talk page.

As a general rule responses are made on the talk page on which they originate. In other words, if somebody writes on your talk page then you should answer it there.


We have a small number of Teflpedia:Userboxes. You are welcome to put these on your user page.