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'''Sound files can be uploaded''' <s>and</s> '''''but cannot be (see above notice)''''' played in Teflpedia as mp3 files.
'''''Therefore, the below instructions for embedding sound do not yet do anything.'''''
Go to the "Upload file" link in the bottom left-hand corner and click on it.
Select your mp3 file from your hard drive and upload it.
Link to it by entering: <nowiki><flashmp3>your_mp3_file.mp3</flashmp3></nowiki>
==External Files==
If you wish to link to an external mp3 file enter: <nowiki><flashmp3>the URL you want to link to.mp3</flashmp3></nowiki>
(Example link above is taken from [http://mp34u.muzic.com/posting/6717 this] public domain music site.)
==Additional help==
More info on parameters can be found [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FlashMP3 here]
Please be aware of [[copyright]] restrictions when uploading files.
Please be aware of [[copyright]] restrictions when uploading files.

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This page is way out of date and needs to be rewritten, probably from scratch. I enabled ogg uploads today. If it works out, please overwrite this page with some notes on how to do sound on Teflpedia. Thank you! --Roger (talk) 19:10, 29 November 2019 (UTC)

Please be aware of copyright restrictions when uploading files.