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There is no hard and fast style guide for articles on Teflpedia but some consistency is desirable.

Article titles

  1. The article title should be the commonest way of defining the content. Alternate titles should be created as Redirects.
  2. With certain exceptions titles should have only the first letter capitalised.
    Exceptions are "proper names" of places or people; book or film titles etc.

The title should be referenced in the first sentence, which should be a full sentence, and be in bold:

The first line of e.g. article "Punctuation" should be (and is):
"Punctuation refers to the marks, …"
and not:
"refers to the marks, …" i.e. using the title as part of the first sentence.

Headers and sections

Sections within an article are marked using headers created using one to six "=" before and after the header text.
Headers up to (down to?) six can be used, but it is not common to go beyond three..
Level one headers (using a single "=" before and after) are deprecated as they are the same size as the page title
The first section should give an outline of the content. It should not have a header.
Never "jump" a level. a level three header should always follow, or be within, a level two section; likewise a level four should be within a level three section etc.