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  1. If you are only reading Teflpedia, the only information collected by Teflpedia is what is normally collected in server logs.
  2. If you write something on Teflpedia, it's here to stay and will be associated with either your user name or IP address.
  3. If you do not create an account, or fail to log in before editing, your IP address is recorded and made available to everyone reading that edit. That is why it is a good idea to create an account and always log in before editing.
  4. Teflpedia does not sell information about its users.
  5. Advertisements may appear on Teflpedia through advertising networks. Those advertising networks may collect information about your browsing behavior through code loaded by your web browser when you visit Teflpedia pages.
  6. Ezoic may host and or proxy the Teflpedia site on their servers and embed advertising in it. Ezoic generated policy can be found at https://g.ezoic.net/privacy/teflpedia.com