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Teflpedia copyright

Teflpedia's copyright conditions are described by the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license summary. The full legal text of the licence is here.

The following is a simple guide to the provisions of that license as it affects Teflpedia.


You may freely use any material included in the wiki in class.

You may also copy and republish any of the content of this wiki provided that:

  • If used on a web page you both:
    1. Give acknowledgement to Teflpedia.
    2. Link back to Teflpedia.
  • If published in printed format you acknowledge Telfpedia as the source.
  • Any such reused material - whether printed or on a website - must be licensed "Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0" and clearly labelled so.

For a more detailed explanation see the creative commons links above.

Teflpedia will be covered by updated versions of the "Creative Commons" license as they are produced.

Copyright and English language teaching

If you are looking for more general information about how copyright laws affect English teachers, see our mainspace article Copyright in English language teaching.

Uploading to Teflpedia

  • Please do not upload material to Teflpedia which you do not own the copyright for or which does not have a compatible licensing agreement.
  • If you have written material for another wiki and wish to also contribute it to Teflpedia you should normally be free to do so as the copyright would still be yours. This is the case insofar as Wikipedia is concerned where its instructions to authors state: You retain copyright to materials you contribute to Wikipedia, text and media. Copyright is never transferred to Wikipedia.[1] You are asked however to leave a note on the talk page mentioning that you have previously used the work elsewhere.
  • If you do upload work from another source with a copyright licence compatible with Teflpedia's please respect the terms of that copyright. This normally means that you should leave a note on the talk page giving acknowledgement and linking back to the original work. Notwithstanding this, we would prefer authors to contribute original work rather than copy extensively from compatible sources.