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This is the list of guidelines defined for the Teflpedia community. Please do your best to live up to these standards.

Standards of behaviour

  1. An editor's user page space is inviolable; they are free to do with it what they want, and no one should edit it without permission. However, the user talk page space is public and does not belong to the user. No deletion of talk page material is permitted, but archiving may be done periodically. For more information on what you can and cannot do on your user page see Teflpedia:User page.
  2. If you are in debate with an individual please try to criticize what has been said and not criticize the individual. Users who ignore this guideline may be blocked at Sysop discretion.
  3. As a general rule, swearwords should be avoided.

You may not, in any part of the site

  1. Put up racist, sexist or other abusive text.
  2. Put up pornographic text or images.
  3. Make libellous comments.
  4. Submit material for which you do not own the copyright.
  5. Post advertisements unrelated to English teaching

Standards of style

  1. Although we aim to become an encyclopaedic reference source we would like our articles, in general, to be accessible to the average reader.
  2. The use of jargon is probably inevitable in a work of this sort, but it would be better if you also ensured that a definition of such jargon is also included.
  3. We have no objection to the use of humour on these pages, but it would probably be better employed on the talk pages rather than on the article pages.
  4. Please do your best to watch for spelling and grammar mistakes. Both British and American spellings are welcome, though we should try not to mix them on the same page. Those users who find spelling challenging are recommended to use the Firefox browser.
  5. The site is English only - entries in any other language will be deleted, other than brief examples within an explanatory context.

Blocking policy

While we want to encourage a free exchange of views, trolls and vandals will be blocked at sysop discretion.

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