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Disambiguation: this is about the verb, see teaching.

Teach (/ti:ʧ/) is an English verb, with the education-related meaning "To pass on knowledge to".[1]

"Teach" is an irregular lexical verb. The third person form is teaches /ti:ʧɪz/; the preterite and past participle are "taught" (/tɔ:t/ - often over-regularised to *"teached" /ti:ʧt/); and the -ing form is teaching /ti:ʧɪŋ(g)/

When used monotransitively, the direct object can be either (1) the thing which is taught e.g. "I teach art" or (2) the person(s) whom are taught, "I teach kids". When used distransitively, the thing which is taught becomes the direct object with the persons taught in a to phrase, e.g. "I teach art to kids", but this can change due to dative shift e.g. "I teach kids art" (not *"I teach art kids").

One who teaches is a teacher.