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I'm not so sure about the "See also" elements. It will make cutting and pasting difficult.

How about using internal links instead for instance:

OR using headings like this

Jobs and employment

job interviews; starting a new job; asking for a salary increase;

Language skills

learning foreign languages; speaking in public; speaking in English in public; writing poetry; writing a novel;

Red tape

dealing with bureaucracy; visas; passports;


learning to drive; buying a new car; driving; having a car accident; road safety; traffic control; cycle lanes; public transport;

New section to avoid possible format conflict

Version 2 above is much the best, but I don't agree that the link should be incorporated into the subsection heading because there is often more than one possible conversation question page to each subsection. Wikipedia also recommends against doing so, arguing that any link should be in the body of the text or as a list item.

So how 'bout:

Jobs and employment

See also Employment conversation questions

  • job interviews; starting a new job; asking for a salary increase;

Ball's in your court... --Technopat 09:24, 26 June 2009 (UTC)