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I'm afraid that I don't understand "Ratification sticky" section.

Is the idea that the student has written their own work in one language and then used a translation programme on it to produce a "phenomenal result" in the target language? If so I have two problems. Firstly, that's not exactly "plagiarism" - though I'm not sure what the description for that would be. Secondly, I've yet to use a translation programme which comes anything close to "phenomenal".

Furthermore, I'm also not exactly sure of the size and form of the "ratification sticky" is this a post-it note or something more substantial? The name implies one thing but the list of exercises implies something else.

Sorry if I seem hyper-critical - I'm just trying to understand the section.--Bob M 08:44, 24 November 2012 (CST)

No problem Bob M; as for the sticky query, take a look here: [[1]]
Re the translation, you are right: translation isn`t plagiarism so I have rephrased the explanation - hopefully it`s clearer now. I`m not sure I agree with you about your take on translation programs, and here`s a webquest that will prove my point(assuming you are living abroad):
1. go into a net cafe and browse the web using Google Chrome
2. log into your email account and send yourself a sentence by email
3. once you`ve sent it, change the browser configuration to "always translate this page"
4. open the email you sent yourself - I`d imagine that`s one of numerous ways it can be done.
--Jameson2000ad 21:27, 26 November 2012 (CST)