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Why this redirect[edit]

This redirect is here because pages like [IPA_phonetic_symbol_(consonant)_/f/] are subpages of it, by virtue of having IPA_phonetic_symbol_(consonant) in their name followed by a slash.

Because MediaWiki puts a link at top of subpages back to their parent page, a link to IPA_phonetic_symbol_(consonant) appears at top of IPA_phonetic_symbol_(consonant)_/f/.

Actually, if the parent page didn't exist, the link does not appear. See The_subpage_test/Child_page.

Anyway, seems useful to use this feature, and this redirect page, to put a link to the category about phonetic symbols at top of the phonetic symbol pages. Maybe that is overkill because a link to the category should be at page bottom already. Maybe this is not such a great idea. But that's the state of it right now.

--Roger (talk) 15:04, 10 February 2013 (CST)