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Hey everyone, I came here to find out a thing about the /ʃ/ phoneme that wasn't included on the page, but I also found an error in the section labeled Spanish.

> The missing information I was looking for was the site of articulation for /sh/. I believe it is a voiceless -dental- fricative, but the article inconveniently lacked that one descriptor for the /sh/ phoneme.

> As for Spanish, I would like to point out that the [ʃ] sound is made in Argentinian Spanish, in words containing Y (as consonant; not as in y, hay, doy, muy, etc) and LL. As examples, "ayer," "ya," and "llamar" are pronounced [a'ʃer], [ʃa], and [ʃa'mar] respectively. It may be true that Spanish speakers may not distinguish [ʃ] as its own particular sound phoneme, thinking it's a funny version of /j/ or /ʒ/, but the sound certainly exists. This unsigned comment was made by 15:19, 2 March 2019‎

I replaced your phonetic transcription by IPA and added the word "phoneme". Ghoti (talk) 20:47, 4 April 2019 (UTC)