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  • Which of the following items do you consider are key factors in measuring a country's standard of living? Discuss:
  • Salary/wages
  • Access to health care (private/public)
  • Social services
  • Poverty rate
  • LIfe expectancy
  • Transport (private/public)
  • Access to education (private/public)
  • Literacy rates
  • Taxes (direct/indirect)
  • Public services: police, fire brigades, civil protection, etc.
  • Civil rights
  • Human rights
  • National levels of corruption
  • Employment (working hours, flexibility, paid holidays, etc.)
  • R&D
  • Culture
  • Housing
  • Political (form of government, etc.)
  • Political and religious freedom
  • Economics (inflation rate, GDP)
  • Infrastucture (road/railway networks, airports, etc.)
  • Environmental quality/climate
  • Cleanliness
  • Others (which?)
  • Which of the above items do you think could be improved in your country?
  • Has your standard of living changed over the years? For the better/worse?
  • In what ways?
  • Has it been due to a change in your own, personal standard of living or has there been a nationwide change?

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