Pronoun set

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A pronoun set is a set of pronouns used specifically for one or more people or things. In English, each set consists of a subject pronoun and four additional related pronouns, namely an object pronoun, a dependent possessive determiner, an independent possessive determiner and a reflexive pronoun. For example, the first person singular pronoun set consists of "I, me, my, mine, myself".

Pronoun Set Subject pronoun Object pronoun Independent possessive determiner Dependent possessive determiner Reflexive pronoun
First person singular I me my mine myself
First person plural we us our ours ourselves
Second person singular you you your your yourself
Second person plural you you your your yourselves
Third person masculine singular he him his his himself
Third person feminine singular she her her hers herself
Third person neuter singular it it its - itself
Third person plural they them their theirs themselves