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Template:Under construction Newspapers, copyright issues notwithstanding, are one of the most powerful aids to teaching foreign languages, especially where adults are concerned, who are likely to read them in their own language and are often interested in how the same news item is reported in the English press.

Obvious use can be made of them for skimming and scanning exercises and summary writing. Headlines are great for Compound nouns.

With more advanced students, online editions are great for exercises involving copyediting. Readers of The Grauniad[1][2][3] may well have noticed that digital word checkers have reduced the number of typos on the printed page, but this teflpedia editor is increasingly dismayed by the increasing number of typos to be found on digital editions - one of the worst offenders being my beloved BBC... The previous comment is the freely expressed opinion of this editor and in no way reflects the editorial line of teflpedia...

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