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==With pass==
==With pass==
*pass away ''(to die)''
*pass out ''(to become unconscious)''
==With pay==
==With pay==

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This list of multi-word verbs (J-R) includes the different types of multi-word verbs (MWVs) out there, such as phrasal verbs (verbs + adverbs), prepositional verbs (verbs + prepositions) and semi-auxiliaries. It is intended as a reference for teachers, not as a mere list to be presented as-is to students. Don't forget to point out that, like so many other verbs, many MWVs can have more than one meaning.

Those MWVs that have many forms will have their own dedicated page ("See main article"), while those with just two or three will have the forms included on this page.

With keep

See main article List of multi-word verbs: keep.

With kick

With knock

With lay

With lead

With let

With lie

With look

With make

With mark

With move

With pass

  • pass away (to die)
  • pass out (to become unconscious)

With pay

With play

With pop

See main article List of multi-word verbs: pop.

With pull

With put

With read

With reckon

With ring

With round

With rub

With run


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