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It oftens occurs that students come to class and are preoccupied with other personal issues. These personal matters monopolize the student´s attention and brain efficiency. It is almost certain that the student will appear to be spaced out and not learn much. The student needs to be given time to sort his or her things out. Here is a great activity to get students back into the class.


Learning goal

Students will be able to

  • exchange personal information
  • talk about what´s on their mind.


No material is needed.




Individually students draw a cloud in their notebooks and write five things that are on their mind. Encourage them to write numbers, words, phrases, and even images (see the picture for reference).

Once students have finished, put them into teams of 3 or 4 people. One person shows his or her cloud to the team and explains what he or she has written. The rest of the team, first, listens and then asks follow-up questions. When one students finishes explaining his or her cloud, they continue on to another student.


Be careful that the activity does not go on endlessly. You could set a time limit a person has to explain and answer questions. Monitor as students talk to each other, and join some conversations.

See My cloud for a variation of this activity.