Lesson:Mr. Loud

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To practice orally producing new vocabulary in sentences


Flashcards with new vocabulary


  1. Teacher explains the procedure for activity
  2. Students line up in the back of the classroom
  3. Teacher stands in front of the class with flashcards
  4. Teacher tells first student in line to come up and read the card out loud
  5. Students who know how to use the vocabulary in a sentence or question raise their hands
  6. Teacher calls on one of them
  7. Student says his sentence or question using the vocabulary (teacher recasts if necessary; however, if student’s use and usage is inaccurate, teacher calls on another student)
  8. First student, who had read the flashcard, responds to the question or gives another sentence before going to the back of the line (teacher recasts if necessary)
  9. The student who had responded correctly comes up and reads the next flashcard.
  10. Repeat steps 5-9.