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HTML: &amp;#633; &amp;#x279; &amp;#x0279;
HTML: &amp;#633; &amp;#x279; &amp;#x0279;
<references/> [[category:index]]
[[Category:IPA phonetic symbols|IPA phonetic symbol 〚rɹ〛]]
==See also==
*[[IPA phonetic symbol 〚ɹ&#809;〛|IPA phonetic symbol <nowiki>[ɹ&#809;]</nowiki>]]
[[category:iPA phonetic symbols|IPA phonetic symbol 〚rɹ〛]]

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red [ɹɛd]

The IPA phonetic symbol [ɹ][1] represents an alveolar approximant, like the most common pronunciation of the English phoneme /r/ (as in red).

The symbol /r/ is used instead of /ɹ/ because it is more familiar. However when using a narrow notation it must be noted that [r] is the initial sound of Roma pronounced in Italian or Spanish.

Unicode and HTML[edit]

Unicode: U+0279 Latin small letter turned r

HTML: &#633; &#x279; &#x0279;


  1. For technical reasons double brackets appear on the page title.

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