IPA phonetic symbol 〚ɫ〛

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deal [diːɫ]

The IPA phonetic symbol [ɫ][1] represents a velarised alveolar lateral approximant, like deal /diːl /[diːɫ] or scale /skeɪl/ [skeɪɫ].

In natural speech, /l/ at the end of a syllable or before a consonant may be velarised. Some pronunciation coaches call it "dark L". When native speakers make a "dark L", the back of the tongue is raised towards the soft palate.

This sound is also present in Polish mały [ˈmaɫi] (some accents), and is slightly different from the one in mali [ˈmali].

Unicode and HTML

Unicode: U+026B Latin small letter L with middle tilde

HTML: &#619


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