Holidays conversation questions

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  • Are holidays really relaxing? What stressful things are involved in taking a holiday?
  • When your holiday is finished are you happy to get back to school or not? Why?


  • How many suitcases do you usually take with you on holiday?
  • Who packs your things? You? Your parents?
  • Do you write out a list of things to pack?
  • How often do you forget important things?

Your last holiday

  • Where did you go?
  • How long did you stay?
  • What did you do there?
  • Who did you go with?
  • Where did you stay?
  • What was the food like?
  • What was the weather like?
  • How did you get there?

Your next holiday?

  • Where are you going to go?
  • How long are you going to stay?
  • Who are you going to go with?
  • Where are you going to stay?
  • What special things do you plan to do?

Childhood memories

  • Where did you use to go on holiday when you were a child?
  • Do you still go back there? If so, has it changed since then? In what ways has it changed?
  • What is the most memorable holiday you had when you were a child?
  • How far in advance do you like to plan your holidays?
  • Which do you prefer: summer holidays or winter holidays? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Types of holiday

  • Do you prefer holidays which include a lot of activities or more relaxing ones? Why?
  • Do you prefer to visit cities, the beach or mountains. Why?
  • The Antarctic is a potentially dangerous place to visit. Can you think of any other dangerous parts of the world for tourists? What makes them dangerous? What dangerous places would you like to visit?
  • Would you like to go on a long cruise? Why/why not?
  • Where would your ideal holiday destination be? You can spend as much money as you like!!
  • Who would be your ideal holiday companion? What would you do?

In the mountains

  • Do you like to go skiing? If you like skiing tell us what is enjoyable about it. If you don't like skiing - why not?
  • Have you ever been rock climbing? If so describe the experience.
  • Do you enjoy trekking? If so, talk about routes you have enjoyed.
  • Do you have any GPS equipment? How does it work?
  • Have you ever been lost in the mountains? If so, talk about the experience.

Holiday problems

Have you ever experienced any of these holiday problems? If so, talk about them.

  • Luggage lost or delayed.
  • Flight cancelled or missed.
  • Double-booking or overbooking.
  • Car accident.
  • Illness or personal accident.
  • Sunburn.
  • Getting lost.
  • Problems with the hotel.
  • Very bad weather.
  • Belongings stolen.
  • Running out of money.


  • holiday
BrE: A period in which you are not working, especially if you are away from home. Vacation.AmE
A day in which one doesn't have to work.
  • vacation
AmE: A period in which you are not working, especially if you are away from home. Holiday.BrE
A period when universities or courts of law are closed.

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