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Creating new articles is very easy.

Simple instructions

  1. Type the name of the article you want to create in the search box.
  2. The name of the articlue you want to create will appear in red in the top left under the words "Search results"
  3. Click on the red link and start writing.

Detailed instructions

First check that it doesn't already exist so check by using the search box. You may find that there are related subjects already there to which you could contribute.

  • decide on a title/name for your article.
  • the easiest way to create the page is to "search" for the title using "Go" and click on "create this page" in teh top left hand corner.
  • when you finish the article this will be in large bold letters at the top of the page and also in any category you assign it to. So make sure it's relevant and spelled correctly.
  • only use capital letters where "required" - this makes the article title easier to link to if it occurs in text elsewhere. if possible, make your article title singular.
  • type your words of wisdom.
  • it is customary for the first instance of the subject within the body of the article to be in bold type. Use three apostrophes before and after it to do this: '''word for bolding''': word for bolding.
  • don't forget to include references if you have any.
  • if your article is only a start on the subject and you believe that other input might help to improve it then include at the end: {{Stub}}. This will transclude (import) a box saying STUB and add it to the list of articles for expansion.
  • You should put your article in a category. This is simple: add as many of these: [[category:the relevant cat]] as required, down the end of your page. A list of categories is at Cat list.
  • links are good, for references and explanations, but try to avoid links without valid targets if possible. If you do create an article with red links it is considered good form to write a stub for the red links you have created.
  • remember: apart from the "Essay" namespace, once you've clicked that "Save page" button it's fair game for anyone to edit.
  • please click for a preview first, check and edit, repeat as often as it takes before finally clicking Save
  • create links to your new article from other relevant articles which mention the subject. This will help raise the profile of your article and more users will find it.
  • it's a good idea to create redirect pages for variants on the article title. For example, if the title is a singular noun, users may also search for the plural form or other variants. Creating a redirect page only takes a few moments, and may prevent a duplicate article being written on the same subject.
  • forget not: unless it's an essay, once you've saved it, it's not yours any more, your baby's left home.