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If you've never edited a wiki before, the first thing you should know is that it is very easy. Don't forget that if you make a mistake, it can easily be undone. You might also like to read our Newcomer's guide.

If you already know wiki editing basics but want to know more, see Help:Editing advanced. If you only want to know how to create a new article then go to Help:New article.

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Help! This "wiki markup" is too complicated for me

If you want to try using a text editor to work with Teflpedia (or any MediaWiki product) then you might try Open Office. This is a free package which, apart from being a free substitute for Microsoft Office, will also allow you to edit wikis directly from the word processor, though results may be variable. See our open office article for more instructions.


If you want to test your wiki editing skills then please use the sandbox.

Or to practice editing you can create your own playroom:
in the "search" box type: "user:your user name/sandbox" and click on "Go". You can then create a page to do as you wish by clicking on "create this page".