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If you have never edited a wiki before, the first thing you should know is that it is very easy.

Editing a page which already exists

If you want to edit a page which already exists you should click on the "edit" button at the top of the page. This will change your view of the page to the code behind the page. Don't let this frighten you as it's very easy to understand. You will see that, with few exceptions, it's made up of real text. Edit this text, or add to it, and then click "Show preview" at the bottom of the page - this will let you see what your text will look like when (or if) you decide to save it.

If you see something which you don't like, then edit in the box below and click on "Show preview" again. If you're happy with the result then click on "save page" at the bottom and you're done.

Of course you don't have to preview first, if it's a small edit like a spelling correction you would probably simply click "save page without doing a preview first.

Edit summary

A the bottom of the page you will see a long oblong text box with the word "summary" to the left. You can use this box to tell other people what sort of edit you have made. Some people like to put the first line of the paragraph they have added to give people an idea of their edit.

This is a minor edit

If you have only corrected the spelling of one word or made some other small change then you should click this box so that other users know that you have not made a major change to an article they may be watching.

Watch this page

Many regular wiki users like to be advised when a page that interests them has been changed. If you click this box then any changes to it will show up in bold when you look at the "Recent changes" page.

Creating a new page

If you wish to crate a page on a new topic then enter the topic in the search box to the left click on "Go". If the topic already exists then you can edit if if you like. If it does not exist then you will be offered the opportunity to create it. The conventions we would like you to follow are indicated below - but nobody will shout at you if you don't follow them exactly or make any mistakes.


If the title is two words then only the first word should usually be capitalized. The topic you are defining should be the first word or should be included in the first sentence and it should be in bold. The simplest way to make something bold is to select it with your cursor and then click the B button to the top left of the editing box.


If you wish to create a heading then write your heading text, select it, and click on the big A button at the top left of the page. If you wish to create sub-headings then write your heading and put ===my heading=== where "my heading" is replaced by the text you want to use.


It is a good idea to end your new page with a category.