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English Teacher X is an American in his early 40s who has been teaching English abroad since 1995. He's taught in seven cities in five countries, to all levels and ages, and is currently working in the Middle East.[1]

He used to run a website with some remarkably colourful content now only available on the wayback machine. However as the original site had an objectionable content warning you may want to click with care[2] as it included some anecdotes which are most certainly NSFW.[3]

There is now a regularly updated blog which takes a jaundiced look at the profession.[4]


English Teacher X has self-published five books. His debut book, English Teacher X: Guide to Teaching Abroad [5], is crash course on TEFL 101.

His second book, English Teacher X: To Travel Hopelessly [6], is a memoir that details his exploits while teaching English in Thailand, Korea, New York City and Russia. It is largely based on his earlier blog material.

His third book, Speaking Activities That Don't Suck is an irreverent but practical look at ways to force students to speak in class.

His fourth book, How to Survive Living Abroad deals with all aspects of life abroad, such as documents, safety, hygiene, and so on.

His most recent books are Vodkaberg: Nine Years in Russia, a lengthy examination of his nine years in a provincial city in Russia, with many graphic stories, also based on blog entries; and Grammar Slammer, a book about how to explain grammar in a TEFL situation.


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