Easter conversation questions

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  • How many days do you usually have off for Easter?
  • Which days, if any, are religious holidays in your country?
  • What do you know about the origin of Easter?
  • Does your country have a different name for Easter?
  • Do people give each other Easter eggs in your culture?
  • Do you decorate eggs? Do you dye them?
  • Are they real eggs or made of chocolate? Can you describe them?
  • Did you search your chocolate in your garden?
  • About how many eggs did you receive?
  • Are there any special breads, cakes or other foods associated with Easter in your country?
  • Do schools do anything special over Easter in your country?
  • Are the shops open or closed over Easter? How do you feel about the fact that they are opened or closed?
  • What are the symbols of Easter?
  • Many of the symbols of Easter (from the name of the pagan goddess Astarte) are hand-overs from an ancient fertility religion which celebrated the return of fertility during the spring. These symbols include rabbits, famous for their reproductive capacity and eggs as signs of fertility. Does it matter if these pagan elements have been incorporated into Christian festivals?

Passion plays and parades

  • Does your region have processions or parades at Easter? Can you describe them? Do you participate?
  • Some countries/regions have "passion plays" where they reenact the death of Jesus. Have you been to see one or participated in one? Can you describe it?
  • In some Asian societies, real nails are used on the cross and people punish themselves with whips. What is your opinion of this? Does it make them feel closer to the passion of Christ?

Other activities

  • What other activities occur at Easter? Are there any special sporting events?
  • Are there any films which are always shown at Easter?
  • Have you seen the Mel Gibson film, The Passion of the Christ? What did you think of it? What have you heard about it?

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