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A truck driver driving a truck.

Drive /draɪv/ is a fairly common English verb.

Here are some errors:

  • Students will often say "I drive a car", but while this is grammatically and semantically correct, it is really rather unnatural because of pragmatics. Native speakers will usually just simply say "I drive" since this implies driving a car and the listener will assume it's a car being driven, so the speaker would only specify the vehicles driven only if it were not a car (e.g. a bus, cart, lorry or train).
  • Students will sometimes generalise "to drive" to other vehicles, e.g. *"He drives a plane" ("he flies a plane"), or *"she drives a bike" ("she rides a bike").
  • Students may forget the 3rd person -s; *"he drive".
  • The verb drive is irregular, following the pattern drive-drove-driven. Students may incorrectly regularise it and say *"drived".
  • Compound errors, e.g. *"he drive a plane".