Dress code

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A dress code (/dres kəʊd/) is a set of expectations, either formally or informally defined, regarding appearance, particularly clothing but also including personal grooming such as hairstyles.

Teaching dress codes can range from "wear whatever you like" to requiring you to wear a 2 or 3 piece suit to visit high end business clients.

In some countries personal tailoring is readily available. In which case bold colours and patterns can be a great way of standing out.

Dressing modestly is always a good idea but especially if you're teaching certain demographics who lack self-control and might be distracted by body parts.

Note if you're a manager, and your company specifies dress codes for your staff, those staff will notice if you don't follow it yourself.

And don't forget to dress up for a job interview.

Teflpedia doesn't have a dress code - you can edit while wearing anything you like.