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Dive (/daɪv/) is an English verb meaning "to swim under water" or "to jump head-first into water"[1]

Without sufficient context, it may be difficult to distinguish which type of diving a speaker is talking about, so they may need to add information, or to clarify if they are talking about high diving or underwater diving.

Dive is an ambiregular verb. It has the 3rd person form "dives" (/daɪvz/), the -ing form "diving" (/daɪvɪŋ(g)/). It has the regular preterite and past participle "dived" (/daɪvd/). Particularly in American English, it also has the irregular preterite "dove" /dəʊv/, and then both "dove" and "dived" can be used as the past participle.

Dove is a homograph with a type of bird (pronounced /dʌv/), so it's possible to write "the dove dove".