Decoding exercises: "th"

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this /ðɪs/


think /θɪŋk/

The digraph "th" very reliably is pronounced either /θ/ or /ð/. See Pronunciation exercises: /θ/ vs /ð/.

This page shows the exceptions.

Silent "h"

  • "th" as /t/: AnthonyBrE - Esther - Neanderthal /niˈændərtɑːl/ - Thailand /ˈtaɪlænd/ - Thames /temz/ - Theresa - Thomas - Thompson - thyme
  • posthumous /ˈpɒstjʊməs,BrE ˈpɒstʃəməsAmE/


/t/ and /h/ are sound separately in compound words

  • anthill - lighthouse - masthead

Spelling anomalies

  • /tθ/: eighth /eɪtθ, eɪθ/

Variant pronunciations

  • clothes /kləʊðz, kləʊz[1]/


  1. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionaries, clothes.

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