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law /lɔː/

IPA vowels
æ ɑː
trap father - start
dress face square
ɪ ɪə
kit fleece near
ɒ əʊ ɔː
lot goat taught
ʊ ʊə
foot goose mature
juː jʊə
cute cure
ʌ ə ɜː
strut comma nurse
price mouth choice

The sequence "aw" very reliably represents IPA phoneme /ɔː/.


  • awe, awesome, awful, awkward, bawdy, brawl, claw, coleslaw, crawfish (also crayfish), crawl, dawn, draw, drawer /drɔːr/, flaw, hawk, jaw, law, lawn, lawyer, macaw, paw, pawn, prawn, raw, saw, scrawny, spawn, straw, thaw, withdraw, yawn

Different syllables

  • /əw/: away - aware - award - awry - Delaware - Hawaii
  • /ɑːw/: Malawi


  • claws - clause; paws - pause;


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