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Chinese (/ʧaɪni:z/) is a language or a language family[1] that originated in China and is spoken in China and other places mainly by a Chinese diaspora.

In Chinese, Chinese is known as 中文 (Zhōngwén) or 汉语 (Hànyǔ).

Mandarin or Standard Chinese is the prestige dialect. In Chinese it's known as 普通话 (pinyin: Pǔtōnghuà)

There are two writing systems. In mainland China, Simplified Chinese Writing is used. In Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao however, Traditional Chinese Writing is used.

Pinyin, using the Roman alphabet can show the pronunciation of words. Diphthongs and triphthongs are illustrated by using two or three vowels, as in phonemic script.

Chinese is vastly different linguistically from English, which makes English rather difficult for Chinese to learn (and vice-versa).

  1. linguists argue over this)