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Canadian English is the variety of English written and spoken in Canada.

The spoken language is part of North American English, where the different variants seldom follow national borders.

Canadian English contains elements of American and British English as well as distinctive Canadianisms, it is less dialectically diverse than American English, with the provinces east of Ontario showing the most diversity.

Canadian English spelling is a blend of British and American conventions.


Spoken Canadian English shares many features with neighbouring varieties of American English. The distributions of phonemes in most of the country is the same as the one in General American.

One of the most known features of Canadian English (present also in some parts of the United States) is Canadian raising.[1]

  • /aʊ/ is pronounced [ʌʊ]. This is often misrepresented as saying that "about" [əbʌʊt] is pronounced "a boat" [əboʊt] or "a boot" [əbuːt].
  • /aɪ/ is pronounced [ʌɪ].


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