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Animal rights

  • What rights (if any) should animals have?
  • Should warm and attractive animals like puppies and kittens have more rights than ugly animals like rats and cockroaches? Why?
  • In Spain apes have been given special rights, in part, because they are genetically close to humans. Do you agree? Should apes and monkeys have more rights than other animals?
  • Are humans animals?
  • What - if anything - makes humans "special"?
  • Do you think animals dream?
  • Do animals have emotions? If you have a pet, have you ever noticed it express what you consider to be an emotion?
  • Do you think animals "think"? (What is "thought"?)
  • Do you think it is wrong to eat animals? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being a vegetarian?
  • What do you think about people who wear fur coats? In some countries some people react very negatively to furs.
  • Some famous models sometimes protest to the wearing of furs by taking off their clothes. What do you feel about this as a method of protest?

Animal testing

  • What do you understand by the statement, "The end justifies the means."? Do you agree with it?
  • Do you think that it's morally acceptable for scientists to use live animals in research for medicines that could be used to cure humans?
  • What do you feel about pain being inflicted on animals as a consequence of such testing? Does it matter?
  • Do you think that it's morally acceptable for scientists to use live animals in research for cosmetics? If not, how should we test cosmetics?

Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs are our most common companion animals - at least in the west. How do you feel about the following activities?

  • Keeping large dogs in flats.
  • Keeping dogs tied to a post all day.
  • De-clawing cats.
  • Neutering dogs.
  • Neutering cats.
  • Cutting off or surgically shaping dogs' ears or tails.


  • What are your feelings about zoos? Do you think they exist to help animals or to entertain humans - why?
  • What are your feelings about circuses?


A "blood sport" usually involves the death of an animal. The animal may or may not be eaten later.

  • What are your feelings about the following blood sports:
    • Fox hunting with dogs.
    • Stag (male deer) hunting with dogs.
    • Bullfighting.
    • Fishing.
    • Dog fighting.
    • Cockfighting.
  • Do you go horse riding? Have you ever been? Do you think it is cruel or do you think the horse enjoys it?

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