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From Teflpedia

A YouTuber is a person who creates and uploads videos to YouTube, a popular online video-sharing platform. These videos can cover a wide range of topics, including vlogs (video blogs), educational content, entertainment, tutorials, reviews, and more. YouTubers may produce content for various reasons, such as sharing their expertise, entertaining audiences, expressing their creativity, or even making a living through advertising revenue and sponsorship deals.

Many YouTubers have gained substantial followings and have become influential figures in their respective niches. The platform allows content creators to connect with audiences globally, and successful YouTubers often have dedicated fan bases. Some YouTubers focus on building a brand around their channel, while others may collaborate with other creators, participate in online trends, or engage with their audience through comments and social media.

Some people related to ELT industry are YouTubers; for examples, see Category:YouTubers.