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  • Have you ever had to attend a meeting in English?
  • Did you contribute or just listen?
  • Was there simultaneous translation available? How effective was it?
  • How well did you understand the points which were being made? How well did others understand you?
  • If you take notes during a meeting, do you write in English or in your own language. Why?
  • Do you think the other non-native English speakers attending had a better level of English than yours? If so, did this inhibit you?
  • How do you feel about speaking in English with your coworkers who share your native language?
  • How important do you think non-verbal language (gestures, smiles, etc.) is in making yourself understood?
  • What suggestions would you make to other people who have to attend meetings in English?

Making presentations[edit]

  • Have you ever had to make a presentation in English?
  • How did you find the experience?
  • Do yo think it would be a good idea to practise the presentation with your English teacher beforehand, or would this make the actual presentation less spontaneous?
  • Do you write out everything you are going to say word for word, or do you just make general notes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?
  • Was there a question and answer after the presentation? How did it go?
  • Was it a presentation to native english speakers or to non-native speakers? Which do you think would be easiest? Why?
  • What recommendations would you make to somebody who has to give a presentation in English?

Written English[edit]

  • How often do you have to write or read texts in English?
  • What kind of texts do you have to read or write? Emails? Reports? PowerPoint presentations? Tenders? (A tender is a formal offer).
  • Do you ever chat over the internet in English for work? What chat program do you use?

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