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Wish (/wɪʃ/) is an English word which can be used as both a noun and a verb and which means "desire, hope, or long(ing) for something or for something to happen."[1]

It's a regular verb, with the preterite and past participle "wished" (/wɪʃt/), and present participle "wishing" (/wɪʃɪŋ(g)/).

  • The noun wish collocates with make to form "make a wish".
  • The verb wish takes the preposition for, e.g. "I wish for something"
  • "I wish to go" - catenates with the to-infinitive, basically meaning "want to"
  • "I wish (that) you had done something" - using the past perfect simple, expresses regret at something not done in the past.
  • e.g. "I wish (that) you would do something", "I wish (that) you were stronger" - using the irrealis past simple, with the subjunctive, expresses desire that the object do or be something in the present or future.