Wilfred Owen

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Owen in British Army uniform. A plate from Poems (1920)

Wilfred Owen MC (/wɪlfrəd əʊwɪn/ 1893–1918) was a war poet whose critically-acclaimed English language poetry directly reflects his personal experiences of warfare as a British Army soldier during the First World War.[1]

In the period 1913–1915, Owen worked teaching English as a foreign language in Bordeaux in France, both for Berlitz and privately.

Owen volunteered for the British Army in 1915, and was killed in action in November 1918, just prior to the armistice that ended the war. Though a handful of his poems had been published before his death, most of his works were collected and published posthumously.

His poetry may be suitable for advanced students, but will probably be inaccessible to those below advanced. The BC have a lesson plan based on Exposure.[2]

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