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Henry Widdowson

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Henry Widdowson (/henri wɪdəʊsən/) is a leading authority in applied linguistics and language teaching.

Professor Widdowson is Emeritus Professor of Education, University of London, and has also been Professor of Applied Linguistics at Essex University and Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Vienna.[1]

As a leading proponent of the communicative approach, Widdowson was involved in a polemic with Michael Swan in 1985, following the latter’s “A critical look at the Communicative Approach" in the ELT Journal (Parts 1[2] and 2[3]).[4][5]


  • Language Teaching:A Scheme for Teacher Education
  • Teaching Language as Communication
  • Defining Issues in English Language Teaching
  • Practical Stylistics
  • Learning Purpose and Language Use
  • Explorations in Applied Linguistics 1 and 2