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Wh- word

From Teflpedia

A wh- word or question word is a word used in asking open questions. In English, most of these begin with wh, which is why they are known as such.

They can be classified according to their part of speech either as wh- pronouns or wh- adverbs.

The main wh- pronouns are: what, which, who (whom) and whose. The wh- adverbs are: how, why, when, and where.

There are also some archaic question words:

  • whence (from what place; from what source)
  • wherefore (what for; why)
  • whither (to what place; where)

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

Standard pronunciation is w sound for what, which, why, when and whether, but h sound for how, who, whom and whose.

References[edit | edit source]