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These are conversation questions about video games. The term "video game" implies electronic games played on any type of display device, or platforms, such as personal computers and video game consoles. Platforms range from large computers to small handheld devices.

Video games[edit | edit source]

Do you like playing video games?
  • Have you ever played a video game? How good are you at them?
  • Which of the following devices do you use/have you used to play video games?
    • video game console
    • handheld video game console
    • mobile phone
    • tablet
    • desktop computer
      • with mouse and keyboard only
      • with game controller
    • laptop
  • Are video games aimed mainly at children, adolescents or adults?
  • Experts in the neurosciences recommend spending no more than 45 minutes playing a video game. [Citation needed] Have you ever played for longer without resting?
  • Neuroscientists recommend leaving a period of at least two hours after playing a video games and going to sleep. [Citation needed] Why do you think this is? Do you know of people who have difficulty sleeping and who also play video games?
  • Do you, or anyone you know, spend many hours playing video games?
  • Do you know of parents who are worried about the number of hours their children spend playing video games? What can parents do in such cases?
  • When do you most often play video games?:
    • at weekends
    • after studying/work
    • during study/work time
    • late at night after finishing everything else
  • Are you, or do you know anyone who is, addicted to video games?
  • Have you ever played so long that your hand or thumb starts aching? What did you do? Did you stop playing immediately or did you carry on?

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